TURN Gallery presents PAPER BOUND, an exhibition merging four abstract and figurative artists -- Susumu Kamijo, Kimia Ferdowsi Kline, Emma Kohlmann and Mason Saltarrelli.

In some cases paintings grow out of drawings, but in others as seen in PAPER BOUND, the opposite is true -- underscoring works on paper are not preparatory steps but fully realized pieces in themselves. These four artists celebrate the unique structure of paper through their individual mark and voice. Kolhmann bleeds it, Saltarrelli tints it, Kline builds it and Kamijo dissolves it. Although different in their approach, collectively these artists ignite paper’s intimate nature evoking a direct and emotional response. Emphasizing the pieces’ surface and texture, the gallery will present the work unframed, inviting the viewer to blur the conventional lines between painting and drawing.