Turn Gallery is pleased to present SUN TO MOON, an intimate group exhibition featuring Merrick Adams, An Hoang, Kathryn Lynch and Daniel Um. These four painters thoughtfully depict the natural world, capturing the light and color of fleeting transitional moments, from the first rays of daylight to the flickering fall of twilight.

Though these artists are unified by their use of color to set an emotional tone, each of them take a unique approach to communicating the language of nature.

Merrick Adams’ ocean scapes conjure an abstraction of light through his merging of craft, nature and family history. Adams’ meditative practice blends painting and printmaking techniques akin to woodcut and silkscreen, utilizing netting as a nod to his fisherman father. From afar, the viewer experiences recognizable depictions of moon or sun light reflected in the surface of the sea. Upon closer inspection, a hypnotic tangle of rippling lines and segments of color rise and fall, alive and in motion.

An Hoang’s expressive paintings depict transient yet all encompassing moments of immersion in nature. Drawing from her memory, An looks to encapsulate the more abstract elements of weather, time and space, rather than focusing concretely on the land itself. Billowing cloud-like forms move the eye across the canvas, creating vivid undulating paintings that celebrate feelings of hope and possibility that come from transitions of light and the change of seasons.

Kathryn Lynch transforms simple landscapes into moody scenes; loose, powerful, saturated brushstrokes are defined by glowing accents. Each canvas presents a mystery; a bright window shines through a dark wood, a winding path leads into unknown mountains, a sun shines so intensely it seems to fill the entire sky. Lynch renders scenes that are a metaphor and balm for the passing of time. Tapping into the unconscious, she looks to reveal the solitary traveler in each of us.

Daniel Um depicts lush dream-like night-scapes centered around a lone figure. These imagined scenes are rendered with small repetitive strokes; a hot air ballon in a mysteries land and a colorful glass house glow from within. Um takes fragments of everyday life and transforms them into fantastical situations or melancholic moments of isolation.

SUN TO MOON will open Wednesday, January 11th from 6 - 8 pm. The show will be on view until February 18th. We are located on the 2nd floor of 32 East 68th Street NY, NY 10065. The gallery is open Wednesday - Saturday 12 - 6pm. For further information, contact Annika at ap@turngallerynyc.com.