TURN Gallery presents AquÍ y Ahora, Fernando Pintado's first solo exhiition in New York. Collaged and Recycled, Pintado economically merges his materials of newspaper, canvas and faric down to a realm of heroic ordinariness. By sifting through music, poetry, theatre, literature and mythology, each single frame finds references which allude, adapt and bend into parallel personal experiences.

The impossible is on the horizon.

The intangible is scratching

The cups on the tablecloth

The spilled rain

No better place than being with you

I want to be among your things

Search your book of secrets of the sea

waiting for a kiss in the rain

with syllables and consonants

Hair is somewhere, voice is elsewhere

You are not a ghost...

L’amour fou

You can have it all

There will never be a better time

- Fernando Pintado


ArteFuse, February 7, 2020