TURN Gallery presents Josh Jefferson in his second solo exhibition with the gallery, SOUP TO NUTS.

"This new body of work is partially inspired by my studio wall. My wall is covered with images. Paintings, drawings, photographs from magazines, bits and pieces of the usual detritus of art making. The wall becomes a staging ground. A place of filtering out images and meaning. It becomes a gathering of unplanned alliances, a visual testing ground. It becomes a comfortable mess. So I have taken this process and applied it to canvas. What I found is the larger collages become less of a "Studio Wall" but more of a storyboard. A soup to nuts exploration of everything I had in the studio. Drawings from five years ago and pieces of old paintings, my son’s drawings - anything and everything in the studio that worked was game. In the end the result has helped me see my own language laid out as a delineation of my process fully realized." - Josh Jefferson.