TURN Gallery is pleased to present Chroma City, a series of sculptures and woodblock prints by Paul Inglis.

Rooted in the observation and interpretation of the urban landscape, Inglis began as a realist who over the years has extracted and condensed his work into small scale compositions that allude to ideas and sensibilities beyond the limits of formal abstraction.

In these recent works, Paul Inglis explores the process of building and printing with wood. Simplicity of form, depth of color, and a clean finished surface are the main elements of these works. His sculptures which he calls "urban forms," suggest the liminal space between memory and reality. Houses, cars, and bridges are subsequently reduced to a blocky graphic schema of interlocking parts, often displayed in stacks in rows. Inglis's formal economy, richness of color, and plurality of form enhance there expressive power.

This inventiveness is translated in Paul Inglis's woodblock prints, created as one of a kind. Urban landscapes are stripped of unnecessary burden so that what remains is entirely pure and essential. Paul Inglis's unconventional chine-collé process is unique in that he does not print and laminate in one run through the press. The swatches of color are printed by wooden blocks before being merged together via an etching press. Reductive shapes are combined to create overlapping hues and edges that make way for a careful consideration of color relationships, spacial depth, and form.

Paul Inglis received his BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and has exhibited in solo and group shows throughout the Boston area. Inglis lives and works in Boston. Chroma City is his first exhibit in New York.