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TURN Gallery is pleased to present Eye Contact a solo exhibition with Fabienne Lasserre opening March 10, 2021. This marks Lasserre’s first solo exhibition at the gallery.

Lasserre’s abstract paintings and sculptures merge the tactile with the visual. Her pieces speak of an “excluded middle”, the part that is left out when things are divided into categories. Object-like and with bodily attributes, they exemplify a shared ground between the animate and the inanimate. Creating painted planes of color that choreograph the viewers’ gaze and motion through space, Lasserre examines human movement and perceptual faculties through color, form and abstraction.

“Eyes meeting, locking, touching. Ours meet the world and the world gazes back. People, colors, shapes, figures, corners, shadows, lines, trees, gods, animals. All apposite eyes.

These sculptures or paintings don’t proclaim, and yet they think and precipitate thought. They are in and of the grief, violence, and joy of this world. They receive and reflect, create a fettered space and invite projection. They attract roaming desires and collect meaning. Seeing is a mutual reckoning. Seeing is bodily, distracted, vulnerable and assertive. With window-like openings and transparencies, the pieces frame what is around them. We look through and with, not only at. Movement and positionality play a part in these acts of looking. Viewers, pieces and surroundings intermesh; everything parallax.

Color echoes and swells, calling upon what is outside it. Vibratory and vector-like, color disavows separation. Reflecting and ricocheting from surfaces, shimmering or reverberating, it flows. Color is soaking in or running over, airily hovering beyond the plane, doggedly ingrained or seeping and becoming other. These varying chromatic embodiments suggest different schemes of being with and in the world. Through color I contact the collective, the multiple, and the non-human.”

- Fabienne Lasserre

Fabienne Lasserre, a John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship recipient in 2019, grew up in Montreal, Canada and received her MFA from Columbia University. Her work is currently on view at the Tang Museum in a rotating exhibition in Nicole Cherubini’s installation. Her most recent solo exhibitions were held at Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, Buffalo, NY; Parisian Laundry Gallery, Montreal; and Palazzo Costa Tretenerro, Piacenza, Italy. Two person exhibits include Safe Gallery, New York with Annette Wehrhahn and 315 Gallery, New York with Ezra Tessler. Lasserre has participated in numerous group exhibitions including (upcoming) CPM, Baltimore, MD; Ceysson de Bénétière, Luxembourg; TURN Gallery, New York; Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, TX; Museo de Antioquia, Medellin, Colombia, and Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal. In 2017, she was awarded the Saint-Gaudens Memorial Fellowship to produce two outdoor sculptures for the grounds of the park. In 2016-17, she received a Sharpe-Walentas Studio Program award. She is Co-director of the graduate program MFA in Studio Arts (MFAST) at MICA in Baltimore. Lasserre currently lives and works in Brooklyn.


Art Papers, May 31, 2021