TURN Gallery presents Paul Inglis’ second solo exhibition with the gallery.

In this exhibition, Paul Inglis has chosen the subject of Boston's Fort Point Channel in creating this body of work. Expanding from his chine colle and wooden forms, Inglis introduces his new paintings on paper. As part of his practice, Inglis regularly visits this New England seaport compelled to record the harmonious flux and repetition of the distinctive landscape on a given day. Culling from his memory and his sketchbook, historic Wharf buildings, bridges, sea walls, skyscrapers and common bulldozers are broken down to essentials. His simple shapes are rhythmically organized across the picture plane evoking the feeling of a distant memory, wrapped only in color.

The sources are there but also not there. Often cut up and reassembled, vivid acrylic painted sheets of cardstock and paper are stripped into various sizes as if Inglis were milling stock lumber. His minimalistic small scale world is poetic but not precious. Whether he works on paper or wooden forms, Inglis’ interlocking parts come together provoking our senses. By shrinking and simplifying the urban landscape from human scale into an abstract microcosm of of his own, he tells emotive stories of the daily landscape through the optical and psychological effects of color.


The Observer, March 1st, 2018