TURN Gallery presents RAW INTUITION, a two person exhibition with artists
Mason Saltarrelli and Chuck Manion. Though radically different, Saltarrelli
and Manion share a common thread - raw intuition.

Mason Saltarrelli combines drawing and painting using oils, pencil, gouache and
spray. His instinctive undercurrents, seemingly childlike, are absolute
sophistication. Drawing from the personal as well as the Folktales of his
New Orleans heritage, Saltarrelli's abstract narratives are rendered from
his "gut" rather than from mannered control. His canvas starts with paper
which Saltarrelli has carefully weathered, stained, and sometimes cuts and
pastes back together. Saltarrelli's  colored dots, lyrical lines and
suggestive smudges create a subtle storytelling, an abstract map of
ghostlike figures which ignite against his aged paper. Mason Saltarrelli's
strength is not only in what he paints, but the silent restraint of his
negative space.

Chuck Manion's art lies between painting and sculpture. Manion seems to
build his paintings from the inside out, where the picture transcends to a
finished piece with a life of its own. His frames are made from found wood
then draped in burlap or stretched with mosquito netting. He builds his
surface with oils or gold leaf, then leaves raw netting exposed in various
shapes which under lights give an illusion of a wall painting underneath it.
Manion's work is a kind of playful dance between gesture and structure.


Vice, January 4, 2016